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Hi guys! <3 Thank you for dropping by! :D Follow in twitter, I'll follow back!  Yes, I do have a fb, buttttt that's only for requests. xD   go. XD

2winnie on me2day XD

About Me

Wow my old about me is pretty young and stupid. It's interesting to look back and see how much I've changed. (which, when fangirling, isn't a lot..) School is taking over my life as I get ready to enter college. If you need/want to talk hit me up on twitter and tumblr but you have to tell me who you are or else I will ignore you. 

I desperately want to get the hell out of here. Is anyone offering free shelter?


Just a viet-teen who likes kpop and cpop (Cindy Yen? Jay Chou? :D ) haha. New to writing fanfics, so I know it's absolutely horrible, but I hope to get better! Totally not shy, so if anyone wants to talk about anything, haha, then hit me up! XD

btw, if you play viola or are you orchestra, you're automatically my favorite x) lol, jk, but forever an orchdork <3

Kim Jonghyun is my #1 kpop IDOL. You may call him my bias, but he's my idol because I look up and admire his singing abilities. As a nerd-orchdork-newbie dancer-and most importantly singer, I admire him for that, and his songwriting (OMG, Juliette!) #2 is T.O.P. cause of where he worked himself up to. (from chubby kid to HOT rapper of BIG BANG?! yeah. skills.)

High school... is hell. So imma get outta here asap and go to university and then go study abroad (korea ftw??? lol) 

I have three personalities. The one I show here and with my bestest friends (craaaazay asian who is ed, not shy at all, stalker-lol, JK- and many moar) XD one I show in front of parents (that's the like, nerdy asian good two shoes girly girl one) and one I show in school... similar to the one i show at home. XD

But yeahhhhh, so like, if you're looking for someone to talk to (i cover everything from kpop discussions to scientific debates, mathematical proofs to religious philosophy, US history to politics, haha) just like, shoot. i'll answer. if i'm not drowning in AP classes. XD (again.. high school = hell hole)

Anyhoo, so das me, winnie ;D