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  • Multi-Chapter stories (Fully fleshed with deeper plots as the story unfolds)
  • One-Shots (One path story, that in itself is short)
  • Drafts/Sketches (Spur of the moment writings that are shorter than one-shots)

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Personal Message

Well, I'm pretty much a newbie here. But I do have wonderful ideas to display here. Most of the stories I'll post will be detailed none the less.  I really enjoy writing, drawing and singing about B.A.P, SHINee, Teen Top, Nu'est, U-Kiss, Vixx, Btob, Super Junior, G-Dragon, T.O.P and a whole much more. I like to experiment a lot, so you know I might write something from a band you like. I love BoyXBoy romance, I'm not going to lie about that. 

Everyday I'm exploring for new couples and stuff while managing to write, draw stuff from my already fave ones.

+ B.A.P (Military style/ Underground)

+SHINee (Music idol)

+Teen Top (Fun poppy/ Actually Teen style)

+Nu'est (First boy band introduced to me, Boa being my first Korean singer)

+U-Kiss (Dancing Idol)

+Vixx (Innocence yet not)

+Super Junior/Super Junior-M (Help me see the C-Pop better)

+Btob (Playful)

+T.O.P/ G-Dragon/ Big Bang (Inspirational)

+Beast/B2st (First boy Band that I fell in love with and pretty much obessed with)

+Psy (Sensation)

+K.Will (Soulful)

+Se7en (Difference)

+C-Clown (Shows me the downsides)

+ Block B

+ 2pm (Funny side of 'What the Hell')

Seo In Guk (So many styles)

This list keeps growing...



About Me

Some of My K-Pop drawing:

B.A.P Chibi

Ren and Baekho


Nu'est: Happy Birthday Baekho

+ I love to draw k-Pop

+ Love to read BoyxBoy K-Pop

+Love to write about it

+Love to sing it

+ Kind of shy when it comes to talking

+ I'll instantly or so ~ love you if you adore Nu'est, B.A.P, Teen Top, and or U-kiss

+ Everytime I get a comment or subcriptions, I get super scared and freaked. Practically advoiding to check until the last moment.

+ Most of the time I write something depressing, but in my spur of moment it turns out happy.

+ I'm on Deviantart and Tumblr under Bad-Touch-Tomato

+ I have an addiction to Zelo (B.A.P), Niel (Teen Top), Ren (Nu'est), and Kevin (U-Kiss).

+Even though I write depression, I hate to read it. =3

+This is just random, so I'm going to do this.... Digidigidum Digidigidum

*To caught up in my fantasies to care about my love life* *forever alone* ;A; (even though I have a whole life ahead of me, I gave up already)