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Hey there, let's make friend :)))

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I'm just ordinary girl who likes writing so much, I write everything, be it novel, short story or poem but yes, this site will be my place to storage my biases stories, do you know who they are? Yes!!! right,  bunny jungshin and yifan hehehhe.
Ah by the way here some of my active sites other than AFF
  1.  Personal Blog where I storage my random post (mostly still CNBLUE, Jungshin and Yifan) Tara Lee Blog
  2.  Official Blog is the place I storage my professional work in writing, you can find all of my booksarrow-10x10.png here (ps: I start writing novel blog here but only for Indonesian reader since I write it in Bahasa) BPB Decoded
  4. WU YIFAN FANSITE (I just started :))

PS: additional link if you wanna know how random I'm here is my twitter @lanhudiee


Ahh by the way if any of you can speak chinese or korean or japanese, I'm looking for voluntary translator to join the fansites. If you can translate it into English, then into Bahasa will do :)))


Let's be friend ok?