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Writing should always be pleasure.

Productivity should never be forced.

Criticism should be well-founded.


Most importantly though:

Stories are to be enjoyed.

About Me

Verified KrisHo trash, I am unfortunately a very slow writer and sometimes I get so hung up on my own AU stories that I end up writing sequels that this world never asked for. I enjoy reading different pairing from different groups and I enjoy different genres although you will not find me reading or writing horror or gore. My writing is not limited to KrisHo and although I am part of the submarine crew of that ship, I enjoy ships including one of them just as much. What you will not find here and what I don't approve of is negative talking about the three ex-EXO members. I belong to the part of the fandom that supports them in their decision to take their contract nullification to court and I also support their work as solo artists. 

Once upon a time I wrote a lot Super Junior, SHINee and U-KISS and especially stories with the latter two can be found on my old AFF and LJ account still. For the time being I am mostly focused on EXO, but you can of course ask me about pairings and old stories. 

I do take prompts/writing requests, but be aware that it can take between three to six months for me to finish something, because I have a 9 to 5 base job during the week and adult life is no joke, responsibilities are something with real consequences when you procratinate them. I love procrastinating. 

Note that I am not a native speaker despite using English in my profession and I am prone to make mistakes still. If you find them, gladly point them out to me.