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I'm Chazzie, a 29 year-old High School Teacher.

Graduated my degree in 2009 with Bach. of English Language and Literature, and graduated my postgrad study in 2011 with Diploma in Teaching English as Second Language.

First daughter from four siblings.

I've been developing and designing website since 2002, designing graphics since 2003, and an avid listener of Korean music since 2004.

I'm from Malaysia and I never go out of the country except to Brunei and Indonesia.

I'm an immortal fan of McFly, Busted, Fightstar and Son of Dork. No matter how crazy I am with Asian music, these four bands will always be my number 1 ^^

Chinese : I'm a follower of Fahrenheit, Lollipop, Misster, Jay Chou, Hao Ren, HenLi, S.H.E

Korean : Shinhwa, SS501, Xing (+ B2ST, U-Kiss, X5 and DGNA and how I wish Gwangchul and Sungsoo will re-debut again), ZE:A, Smash, Touch, Block B, B1A4, 100%, Excite

Japanese : I listen to random J-Rock songs from various groups, and a huge fan of Arashi.

A silent fan of Jiho Shin the pianist XD


I've met all my favourite artistes that I listed in my "to-meet list" back in 2010

Old to-meet list : Fahrenheit, U-Kiss, ZE:A, SS501, Teen Top, Super Junior.

Fanmeeting Timeline:

2008 - Met the actors from Romantic Princess : Wu Chun, Calvin Chen, George Hu, Eric Li

2009 - Met/stalked Fahrenheit (autograph and fanmeet session) when they came here twice. 

2010 - June : U-Kiss Me Fanmeeting, September : ZE:A's Level Up Tour Fanmeeting, December : Jay Park's Fanmeeting and Photosession

2011 - June : U-Kiss' Brand New Kiss promotion and photo session, October : Korean Music Wave 2011 (Teen Top, U-Kiss, Park Jungmin, 4Minute, GDTOPSeungri, FT Island ), November : 2PM Hands Up Tour and high-5 session(and Henley too!) 

2012 - May : Block B for KWC's Grand opening, U-Kiss, Teen Top and Dal Shabet for HBN2012 with backstage meeting.  September : A-Pink, Magic Power, Henley, Gina and B1A4, October : Big Bang, November : ZE:A's Showcase and Autograph Session, December : Super Junior M, Exo M, BTOB, Nu'Est


2013 - March : U-Kiss, 2NE1, Demi Lovato, Backstreet Boys, LUNAFLY

2013 - April : U-Kiss (Singapore), A-Prince (Singapore)

2013 - May : Lunafly (Singapore), Jay Park (Singapore)

2013 - September : CN Blue, A-Prince

2013 - October: Vixx

2013 - December: Boys Republic


2014 - June : DGNA

2014 - August: AlphaBAT, MBlaq

2014 - October: EVOL

2014 - December : Topp Dogg


2015 - January : FS Fuying&Sam, Alvin Chong, K-Much

2015 - February : FS Fuying&Sam, Alvin Chong, Henley Hii

2015 - April : FS Fuying&Sam, Got7 in Malaysia

2015 - May : FS Fuying&Sam, Henley Hii, Got7 in Singapore

2015 - June : FS Fuying&Sam

2015 - July : FS Fuying&Sam

2015 - August : Eunice Hoo, Soo Wincci, Danny One

2015 - September : High4, Rion Five





 Shinhwa, B1A4, X5/Lu:Kus, DGNA, Block B, Teen Top,Touch (including Dabin, Hanjun, Minseok, Junyoung), AlphaBAT, Seungho XD



Shinhwa, Lu:kus, M.Peror, M.Pire, Excite, 100%, Supernova CSS, Legend, Zest, IREX, Rion5, Touch, SpeXial



Designing layouts and wallpapers are what I enjoy the most, because of the wide canvas that I can pour in so many elements and textures. I'm worst in icon making, thus you can see me trying to make as many icons as I can just to improve my skills. Poster making is just a "part-time" job, but from what I see, poster making skills of other people are super awesome that I believe that I need to learn to create my own style in making posters. 

I'm bad at making bubbly designs, and I am the type who prefer simplicity. Less colour combination, and more textures is what I like the best. For me, graphic designing is a skill that you need to learn and never stop learning. Doean't mean that I have a few years experience, I am the best designer out there. I'm still learning new things in photoshop every day.

Other than making graphics, I'm feeling obliged to create resources too. I've been making them since 2009, because I feel like I owe so many people their resources, and without their resources, I can't learn and create good graphics. Therefore I decided to provide resources so that other people can get benefit from it too.

Wishes : I want to learn how to create vectors, and professional-like layouts. I'm still weak in colouring, so I want to learn more about colouring Black and white images.


Writing fanfic is not my forte. I prefer writing poems, which I write a lot back when I was young and still a university student. I don't really read fanfic because I am quite picky. I will read fanfic with good quality in terms of grammar, storyline, and the use of language. I only write three one-shots, and one ongoing story that I wrote in 2009 and I never get to update it XD At the moment, I'm brushing my skills in writing article and tutorial, as well as being a critic/reviewer. However, instead of reviewing stories, I prefer to review websites, and also songs.

Current story : Behind The Limelight

Co-Author :



I am writing a short account on all the people that I met here. They are awesome because they never tired of replying my comments, commenting on my blog and spamming on my profile =)