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Little Shout out ^^
Hi chingu! Nice to meet all of you ~^^ I loved to read fanfiction and that's why I'm here. Feel free to add me as your friend and I hope that we can share our interest together. I loved SUPER JUNIOR so much, but I also can't keep my eyes of from other idols. My forever bias is KIM RYEOWOOK and I do ships him with everyone. All I have to do is read your fanfics and spend my time with Photoshop. My bad habit is I only read story that put Ryeowook as a character, sorry about that.It's look like I'm more tend to YeWook, but I can't deny it. If I'm subscribe your story, that's mean I loved it <3 Let's enjoy our life with those interesting story.
P.S- English is not my first language, so I'm lacking at certain part.

About Me

Hey! I'm Miss Simple

Name: Yayah Zack

Nickname: hikarinotebiki / Jmyn

Korean name : Han JooMin

Birthday : 3rd April 1994

Bias : Kim Ryeowook

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Favourite Kpop group/Band: Super Junior

Interest: Music and Surfing internet

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