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Are you admit that you have read this story by your own free will?

  • Yes, I hereby admit that I adore boyxboy, yeah baby gay rocks!
  • Ohh, my friend recommended me about this story, and I subscribed it.
  • I am er for a story but this is mark of my consideration.
  • What the ?! Who brought me here?

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♦ Name : aeygyojang                                         ♦ Real name : RealNameHidden                

 Contact Number : The-Number-That-You-have-Dialled-Is-Not-In-The-Service                                ♦ Age : 20 yrs old                                ♦ Birthdate : September 5th  

♦ Nationality : Asian, but I dont' speak chingchangchung, I speak Mandarin and I do understand English very well.                                    ♦  : Female

Education : -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     

 Charms : I have a lucky bracelet, so that makes me charming (?) . I'm friendly!

Strengths : I don't have any strength, I hate exercise, except for shopping. Oh yeah shopping with the fat.

♦ Weaknesses : Grammar, spider, alien, living dead, ghost, Oppa Gangnam Style!!



♦ Interests : I'm a couch potato person! I adore BL, I've become a bloodhound. Eh, so what if many girls like it? Everyone's got their own opinion. Just let it go and if you like it, good for you, if you don't, good for you.

♦ Experience : My life is empty-----------                    ♦ Date join AFF : 22th of May 2013                              ♦ Reason for joining AFF : Making new friends!

♦ I have a dream. (Boo, everyoe does) . My dream is to have a dream.



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