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Who should be the lead in my next fic?

  • Jung Yunho
  • Shim Changmin
  • Kim Jaejoong
  • Park Yoochun

Personal Message

Hello everyone~ Well as far as a personal message goes...umm...subscribe to my stories and comment on them too :D

Oh and feel free to add me on Twitter: Shana_DB5K

Looking forward to seeing you on my stories and on twitter :D

About Me

Me? Well...erm...Im madly in love with Jung Yunho. What an amazing man...I yearn for the day I can tell him how much I care for him. Support me ne? hehe!

From my nick you can tell that Im a fan of DBSK as 5 though they arent doing bad being apart...but still..its not the same. Apart from that...I like 2NE1, Bigbang, 4minute, MissA, Jo Jung Hyun, S.H.E,Zhang Jie, 2PM, SUper Junior,SHINee,KAT-TUN, Perfume, B1A4 and I guess the list goes on xD

And I dont like SNSD or F[X]...too annoying. fufu~

I speak fluent Urdu and English. Basic Japanese and I will work hard to perfect my korean so I can study in Seoul. Yes, Im coming for you my readers in Korea...if there are any :[.

Lets thoughts...for me:

True love is real. If you love someone enough, you will get them in the end.

Junsu's duckbutt is adorable. But I dont think fans should smack it o.0

Jaejoong is a drama queen and hes always whining but I love him to bits <3

I used to think Yoochun was ugly. But now I go KYAA everytime I see him ^^ He's so COOL! and his english makes me MELT into a puddle of goo! love him!

Changmin is the cheekiest person Ive ever seen and I dont wonder why he's single. A girl would go mad dating him.

Yunho, *sigh* if only words were enough to express what I feel for him. I started off hating him. I thought he didnt deserve to be the leader cuz he was pathetic and ugly as . But then he winked in Star King and I was starstruck. From his looks, I went to his personality and I must a man.I love how he is with children..waah. Yunho-ah...if you ever read this...Ive never seen a man like you before. Saranghae <3

They say To love is to risk not being loved in hope is to risk pain. To try is to risk failure..but risks must be taken because the greatest hazard is to risk nothing. So here I am,risking everything,heart in hand,waiting and praying to see you and make you smile...just as you have made me smile once more.

Funny Thoughts:

Yunho doesnt have a .

Jaejoong's dog hates him.

Jaejoong is biual

Yoochun cant speak english atall. But he can still make it sound like .

Junsu is too adorable for words and I secretly want to eat him. my teacher. I wish to learn EPIC iness from him.

Yunho has creepy,bony,crooked fingers o_o ohmaigaadsun!

Changmin NEEDS to get laid.

Jaejoong molests his cat. I think he's getting too lonely.

Yoochun used to look like a he's so ing Y!

Junsu's blue hair might have been an the kind that happened in the movie Bride Wars.

Yunho is my soulmate...we are meant to be...and we WILL have a with Changmin. Just so that the maknae doesnt feel left out O:]

Thats all for now! Please support me! ^^