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  • Finish this story first.
  • Jump to 'Fallen and never getting up'
  • Finish 'The Hourglass' first! [It's probably going to have three chapters only]

About Me

Hey guys, LJoe4ever here. I'm a writer who is still trying to improve my writing skills. I always work hard to try and please my subscribers with my chapters but seems to be an epic failure >.< 


"Everyone has their own dream and they all work hard to work their way towards it."

-LJoe [Lee Byunghun]


LJoe has always been my number one bias. He's often very quiet but gives me the inspiration to write, to go on and not to give up. He's so cute and his life experiences, opinions and advices matters so much to me as they are very meaningful and deep. This is my own opinion on LJoe but most of you who aren't his fans might disagree. None of us know who is the real him, just like all the other idols. But the image he gives off on stage is so inspirational. He is like my ray of light shining during my darkest times.


"Smile your way through your darkest nights and never ever give up."

-Chunji [Lee Chanhee]


Just like his stage name, he seems like a heaven for all of the Angels out there. His voice is so powerful yet so sweet. You'll keep wanting him to go on singing. His voice itself is like a lullaby that puts you to sleep especially when he sings ballads. When he sings, It's like the whole world stops and listen to him. I really love his voice. Powerful, sweet and steady.