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hello beautiful earthlings~~~~ okay, I want to write a story. but i was so darn confused on who should be the main character. so...help me?

  • EXO Kai
  • VIXX Ravi
  • BTS Jungkook
  • or...you can just give another suggestions and dm me

Personal Message

Hello everybadehhh!!! It's me, Mihochan coming at chyaaa ;) Anyway, you probably won't be reading this or whatever...but I just want to say hello to someone who waste their time to stalk on me (I see what you did there) and whoever read this, I hope you found the story that you wish to read, I hope you found the music that fit your soul and I hope your crush notice you and I hope your day will be wonderful so it will match your beautiful soul. 



About Me

You probably don't want to know, but I'm gonna tell you anyway. I'm a writer, and also a reader.

I started writing since like forever, actually - I wasn't that good, but I had always like writing. It started off because I like reading but somehow and it always had me thinking like - wait, I don't like how this goes and so I write for what I think it should happened and how I really wanted it.

I tried to do variety of stories, but I think my story always ended up being the same. I think I'm better writing angsty story. I once tried writing fluff, but just ended up cringing to myself. But still, I want to try many genres.

I'm a friendly and cool person. Kinda. I think. So, if you DM me or anything, I probably would reply...maybe because I don't have any life.