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Annyeong~ (negi)ramen here! :33


I love writing and reading Woogyu! I'm a dedicated author-nim with the cutest readers supporting me *-* (Chopsticks 5ever!)
I prefer Gyu!Bottom, which is the reason why you won't find him topping much in my stories (tbh it's because I don't like bottom!hyun).

I don't read any You/OC-Fics, so please don't be sad when I don't read your fanfic ;A;

About Me

Unimportant Facts no one wants to know:

- I'm from Germany~ Guten Tag!

- I'm studying in college right now (bookselling und publishing management)

- I'm learning Japanese! こんにちわ!わたしの なまえ は コに-さん です!!

- I'm an Inspirit (Gyu biased <3), VIP, String, Baby, BANA and Jaywalker!

- I love korean variety shows! (like RM <3)