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[2013] Definetly not only the year of Exo for the Exo, but for me as well. Many thanks to everyone for the Exo gifts for my birthday. 私はあなたたちを愛して ! ! ! >w<

 [Exo Mama Album] I Love You Bryan

 [Exo XOXO Album] Many Thanks to Suchihara

 [Exo 2013 Official Diary] Thank you so much for the surprise Grandpa Joe. I always wanted the diary

 [Exo XOXO Badge] Hyunjin-sshi! I didn't know you still keep my address (and thanks for the shop for the free Exo bracelets)

 [Exo Phonestrap] Thank you so much Ashiko, especially for the handmade keychain of Exo and my name 



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わたしのなまえは [イリケリドル] です~

Game Designer | Amateur Photographer | Ocassional Model

  • Part time Rapper (indie band) | Ulzzang
  • Survivor Horror games fan/expert
  • Supernatural/Scifi fan

so far only interested with Exo non-romance fiction - but sometimes it can be exceptional, as long not ^_^

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