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Personal Message

  • i just love reading!

  • i don't really enjoy writing, please be alert of that!

  • my ultimate bias is Kris Kai from Exo 

  • feel free to talk to me 'cause I'll never bite people.XD

  • if you have any thoughts about me, just ask. i'll try to entertain you with all my heart?B/

About Me

  • Just call me Michelle~ hahahhaa... 

  • I don't care if you don't care about me!

  • my top bias is Kai!!!

  • I'm a cassiopeia, EXO-L, shawol, Inspirit, ELF and SONE!

  • If anybody asks me to list all my bias, i will really take more than half a day to list ALL OF THEM! so don't dare to!

  • I spazz everyday, anytime, anywhere!