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What do you think of the actors/actresses that work with Gui or Lun In dramas/movies (Excluding Wang Zi) Comment!

  • I don't dislike them, but GuiLun is #1
  • Well, they're save from celebriety rumours(Rumours that lasts less than a year)
  • I don't care about them! I just want more GuiLun!
  • All above------XD XD XD XD XD XD

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dear ash
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Hi there. guess who my ultimate bias is and I'll give you a cookie. hee.  you guys can call me ash. i'm a mix of slytherin and ravenclaw, a hint of gryffindor and maybe even hufflepuff fits me  because olg helga accepts everyone.
i'm a malaysian and proud to be one.
i also like calling people and being called unnie. yay. my real age tend to surprise people, considering i really like acting all mature, which meh, i totally am not. for the sake of...myself (lol) let's just say that i was born in the 20th century. hee.
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I mostly write in english. but i'm good with malay too. so either you speak malay and/or english, i will have no problem talking to you, unless you go all einsteins one me. lol. please no.
Do check out my stories! :)
Wanna know a secret?
I have a second account. try finding me and maybe then, i'll consider giving you a cookie.
I am a fan of bts and apink. jungkook, taehyung and naeun.