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I don't bite~

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"A mistake is simply another way of doing things" - Katharine Graham

And I stand for that!

About Me

A bit of feelings:-

Writing is something I've learnt to confide in, it's like another world where I can write to my heart's content make characters that I imagine of, through ups and downs and even to the extent of death. It gives me hope that sometimes there may just be happy endings like these, whether or not it's impossible or not, imagination is not a crime and why not share it with others?

I've been a member on this site for a few years or so...and counting, not only have I've grown with my writing abilities here but to meet such friendly people and to have one major thing in common...our love for our respected artists, yes they're not idols they're artists. Call me delusional or not, writing stories based on my favourite artists is a hobby, though sometimes I don't give it my all, each story is like a baby to me, to write about what the characters go through, to read the feedback from readers, it's all very fascinating and heartwarming.

To discover that by simply typing out based on my imagination and to cause others to smile, cry or laugh because of the content of my stories is an amazing feeling, whether or not I have many followers I care dearly for those who make time to read my stories, to reply and acknowledge them, to even hear back from authors that I respect so much here. I can't lie I've grown attached here, new friends met because of this site.

I know some may just laugh and scoff thinking writing fiction stories like this is a waste of time...but I honestly don't, though sometimes I have to admit I feel pressured to write and even feel like I'm forced to continue, but at the end of the day it's all worth it...

I hope those who come across this know me a bit better...

My name is definitely not 'YGfamily4life116' but on a more personal note just call me V if you would...

Thank you for reading this~



To end it here's a little on my biases...

Kwon Jiyong + Park Bom + Choi Seunghyun = Bias Heaven

YG family family family~ 

Big Bang and 2NE1 are <3