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Rebel. A Vkook and Min Yoongi enthusiast.
Taehyung and Jungkook are ♥︎
seohyun/wufan, historical!au, drama
Seohyun and her eight sisters are kidnapped in the dead of night by their evil Uncle Wu, taken back to his dismal domain and created into such things that she would have never imagined her life to come to.
I ♥︎ A Zombie
Vkook highschool!au fluff
It is Taehyung's first day of senior year at his high school. A new year comes with new things: subjects, electives and of course new students. Exciting! However, the new year brought VERY new students...Zombies! The school was now accepting living dead things impersonating humans.  Taehyung, however, couldn't help but find one particular zombie, dare to say it, y. 
When He Sleeps
Contest entry- vkook demon!au
Gentleman Jungkook celebrates his 20th birthday happy, peaceful and innocently. That same night, when he closes his eyes, his sleep is invaded by fire; burning hot with a strange lascivious desire. He must keep his eyes close to see the shadowy figure burning in the flames. Yet it frightens him.  "Don't wake up. Keep your eyes closed. No, WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP" He could not wake. He was paralyzed. That's exactly what this "thing" wanted.
I am a female author who writes for the pleasures of writing. It's not to please anyone or business/career purposes. I love writing fanfics because it's fun and more interesting, especially when they're kpop idols who are definitely in a relationship but they still want to keep it secret, but whatever they do, it's obvious they're in love! It's so squishy cute!

If you don't know already, yet it's pretty obvious, I adore Taehyung and Jungkook's friendship..maybe blossoming into a secret relationship. As fans, we need to keep their relationship sacred and unto themselves. We should never force them to provide moments for us just because it pleases us! Their affection towards each other is their own, on their own time! Please respect that! They love each other and if we're their fans, we must love them for who they are and who they love! ♥︎