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What is your fave SHINee couple?? (sorry to taekey and onho shippers not nuff space)

  • JongKey and/or OnKey
  • OnTae and/or 2min
  • JongHo and/or MinKey
  • TaeHyun and/or OnHyun

Personal Message

mathematical rules declare that one plus one equals two. If one person loves another enough, they should become two together.

Newton’s Third Law of Motion dictates that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Then, it would seem only right that if you loved someone, he would love you back, equally.

But love is inversely proportional.
-----jognkey fanfic writer: ^^ she is awesome!





About Me

i love k-pop it is now my whole life everything i do seems to be revolving around it! its crazy but i enjoy it very much i have so many friends that like it too now that i just tell people that first lol. i hope to go to Japan next year for the school year and gain it as an amazing experience. i want to be an ESL teacher in Korea when i graduate. i also want to move there for the rest of my life lol. i have a desire to be a fashion designer eventually and a graphic novel/manga artist, infact me and my friend are in the process of writing and illistrating one :D. i love dramas and really cute things like phone charms and stuffies. my fovorite groups are SHINee and EXO but the first groups i ever listend to were BIGBANG and dbsk. my faveotite color is yellow or purple lol idk. i like all kpop idols and my OTP is.....JONGKEY! ^-^ SHINee HWAITING~!