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park chanyur's waif

02 oct

happy virus babe

152cm of derp


i knew you were trouble

aloha! i'm roseyeol, but you can call me rose, or whatever you want, I don't really mind haha. i'm super friendly so don't be scared to talk to me! (: i'm kinda shy though so I might not be the first one to start up a conversation lol. i hope you guys talk to me because i need friends HAHA! i don't know if you guys noticed (you probably did), but chanyeol is my ultimate baeb. so if y'all are wondering what to get for my birthday wink wink LOL jk. other than exo, I like got7, bts, vixx, 15&, f(x), suju, akmu, shinee, etc. i basically like anything with a good beat HAHA. ayyy so you may not know this about me, but I'm a graphic designer! (or maybe you do idk what you know). i currently work at Sillage Graphic Shop, Fabulus Guitar Strings, Coup D'Graphics, and Chen!Chen! Graphic Shop at the moment (but idk 'bout that i'm actually a rlly lazy person HAHA sorry team). but enough of that, i hope y'all have a derp-filled day!!


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