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Personal Message

hye everyone! I like to speak in english and malay. I like both of it! I'm new at here and nice to meet. I didn't know how to write good or amazing story but I will try my best to improve it.

one day, I will publish my story at here. I'm fans of Big Bang, Infinite and the most is EXO !,multifandom. My bias is GD, Lkim and Kim Minseok!. I would like to travel a world one day. I'm not good in english but I try my best, right? I'm polite and I respect people who respect me. I like make friends and I don't care if you from another country I would try my best to comunicate with you or I will learn your language country.

Good bye for now ;)

About Me

Hye guys, I like to story about myself. Everyone call me Fifior shorty. It's a nickname. I'm from Malaysia and I'm proud of it! multifandom kpopers. EXOtics.

Sweet sixthteen and first cry at 11 March 1998 at 5pm. I like to learn musician but I'm shy because I didn't know how and what the types of stuff. But one day, I will become a stewardess or I will become a musician like Sungha Jung?

I hate betrayal an fake people because I know it hurts a lot. Just this about me because I don't even know what interesting about my life. You know, nothing interest about my life.