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Okay, so I'm going to do another one shot. Give me a prompt.

  • My Boyfriend's Boyfriend - Amber, Jonghyun, (surprisecharacter)
  • A Husky - TOP, Bom
  • 88 Constellations - Zhoumi, Henry, (surprise character)
  • 88 Constellations - Wooyoung, Taecyeon, Nichkhun

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I'm Soda, a 2D/3D concept artist from California with three puppos and a lot of dead plants. Yes, I've killed an air plant.

I love drawing, writing, and I've been in the Asian Pop sphere since around 2007/2008, so I've seen a lot of your oppas debut lol I even went to the first KCON and first SMTown (in LA). I left AFF back in 2013(?) thanks to college, but I'm thinking of starting up again. I might be crossposting with my AO3 account where you can find me under the pseud Soda.


For those of you who haven't read my work: everything on AFF was written in or before 2012/2013. It's not trash, but it's a little greasy and shallow. 
- I don't write any explicit fics
- I am a legitimate adult with a job and rl troubles
- I am very long-winded when it comes to fics. What is a oneshot?
- I kicked my habit of not finishing fics, so all fics posted from now on will be completed
- I don't write underaged characters/members into ual relationships because ew why
- I don't write genderbend fics 
- I will take your fav member and hurt you because I like writing angst
- I try my best to keep members in character/keep them believable
- I won't fight about anything. I'm too busy to worry about fandom . 


My current fav artists (as of Oct 2017): SEVENTEEN, Pentagon, NCT, Monsta X, Pristin, f(x), GOT7, Chanyeol, MINO, Bobby, RM, Jane Zhang, and Jolin Tsai.

Did you leave the SJ/EXO fandom? Boy, I left the second they started calling them EXO-Ls. I don't dislike EXO, but they aren't the same EXO that I fell in love with in 2012 (Power is the best workout jam). The same goes for SJ, I think I just outgrew them. Likewise with BTS, I like their work (especially rap line) and their personalities as individuals, but the fandom ruined a lot of the enjoyment for me. Be a fan, just don't be part of the fandom.