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Personal Message

'Habitually saying, I don't give a , I don't give a .
 All those words are words I use to hide my weak self.'


-The Last by AGUST D


'I don't give a when you're busy being a moron.
 I will simply bury you alive in the grave.'



'Dormammu, I've come to bargain.'

- Doctor Strange (2016)

No matter whatever the happens, just keep moving.

C'est la vie


About Me

A 18 year old student from Malaysia that loves literature. I love to write stories, poems, drawing and singing/rapping during my free time. :)
Suffers from depression, anxiety and heart issues.
Rapmon is love, Rapmon is life. 
Kris Wu is my husband (ultimate bias).
Unhealthily obsessed with Deadpool.
Mom is a somewhat hardcore KPOP/Anime fan.
Spends 'quality time' with dad by catching Pokemon in Pokemon GO. LOL
 procrastinate all the damn time.
Admires Outsider for his speed-rap. He's just freaking amazeballs and not to mention he's handsome. :)
I'm a part-time vegetarian. Gonna go full vegetarian once I'm 18 or 20.
Obsessed with science subjects.
I just love Benedict Cumberbatch.
Enrolled in a medical university and then dropped out after 4 months.
Gaming addict.
Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Pewdiepie & Crankgameplays are my life.