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Personal Message

Just a newbie fanfic writer mainly based on SHINee. I seldom write (you/SHINee) fics though! As I don't have alot of inspiration going around, you guys can make requests on fics for me to write. However, it's not a guarantee that I'll write them all because I may not be familiar with the stuff you guys want (: To make a request, post it on my wall in this format! Name/short introduction about yourself? Oneshot/ Series? Which band/ pairing?(of course, I'd prefer to write a SHINee one) Plot/quote/song you want me to play along with? Genre? Any additional details? That's all. Happy requesting! I don't promise that I'll write them all or when they would be up as I have school commitments (:

About Me

Just a typical fangirl who has too many fantasies that need to be recorded down in words. I ship all members of SHINee except parent/son pairings like TaeKey or Jongtae! I really love to write stuff, because that's one of the few things I'm don't totally at. I have another account over at livejournal by the same name, so please do not think anyone is plagarizing me! Nothing much to add, if you guys wanna know more, visit 23elevens.livejournal.com and probably add me over there too? ^^