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Annyeong it's Mybiasesname!

Majority of my stories consist of the male character being submissive to the female. If not then they are equally in power and female character is sometimes mostly a Queenka. However I will try my best to write other stories opposite of this.

So please put up with it~ if not then please only leave constructive feed back on each of my stories.



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Annyeong Haseyo, Mybiasesname Imnida!

Anyways, about! I know, my biases!

My top 3 biases:

  1. L.joe
  2. Sunggyu
  3. Daehyun and Zelo

My top 3 bias groups:

  1. Teen Top
  2. Sunggyu
  3. B.A.P

Oh won't you look at that, coincidence? Nope, lol.

I started writing when I was in the 1st grade, I remember my babysitter giving me two pictures one of a unicorn and one of paint and she also gave me a pen and paper, she told me to write about it and I did. My writing may not be as good, but that's only because I was lazy and also too lazy to edit. However in the future I promise to write with full quality.

I started getting into kpop in 2010 but properly in 2012. In 2010 the first actual song and group I knew was Lucifer by SHINee and it was on popasia. I thought it was weird at first because you I didn't really get into it because I had no idea what it was but I did listen to that song frequently but it wasn't until I found about Teen Top (which was like a year later) that I started to get into kpop properly, and in 2012 is when everything became hardcore.