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who will be 'given the chance' ?

  • Sam
  • Rocky
  • Bambam
  • Matthew
  • Vernon
  • Jae

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Hey it's EH~

24/7 fangirl with a little writing hobby :P

you can also find me on tumblr @ with-seventeen-imagines.tumblr.com


Please do enjoy~
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Some of my stories I do not update as frequently compared to others. My appologies, if the story you are subscribed to is not one of my main works... :(


*all story covers/edits are created by me unless stated otherwise*


Keep in mind that writing is just a favourite hobby of mine; my honest apologies for the occasional long breaks between updates...
O.o I try to update as quickly as I can. 

About Me

* m u l t i  -  f a n d o m *
iKON, DAY6, NCT, Monsta X, Seventeen, ASTRO, Wanna One, GOT7, Pentagon, BTS, Stray Kids, SF9, EXO, Infinite, The Rose, ect....

I'm a 99 liner and I've been a K-POP fan for quite some time.
I've always enjoyed writting and I will try my best to update great stories. :)
I am an allstar IOC5 cheerleader, I'm obsessed with Shakespeare and I'M ALWAYS LISTENING TO MUSIC.

I've attened concerts for DAY6 (3 times), GOT7 (2 times), ASTRO, Seventeen, Big Bang & GD, SHINee, B.A.P, and 1llionaire.
I've traveled/vacationed to South Korea and my dream is to someday be an English teacher internationally.


I hope you all enjoy my stories.

:) :) :)