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Personal Message


I am an Exotic Baby Elf Sone Shawol. XD


I am so SM biased. Other than that you should know I adore Zelo and YoungJae from BAP. And a whole other bunch of oppas. *can't manage my feels*=too much love to give :P

My harem consist of Lee Min Ho + Leeteuk: my husbands. Onew: my boyfriend (and the absolute love of my life!) Jay Park: my lover and #1 y dancer. And Zelo: my baby ^^

Apart from that I have a spark of BBC, Starlight, Bana and Melody. Also, I am a now fully shipper of BaekYeol, HunHan. KyuMin, 2Min and JongKey.

I support KaiSoo and XiuHan. LOL

About Me


This is the serious part??

Ok. Well. I love to write so I am publishing some fics here even though I am terribly afraid of people copying them. (Bad people, with no respects or morals!)

At the time I only have one ongoing fic and it's hell long because when I started I was updating daily. That's right. For about two months, non-stop. But then real life caught up with me and I had to start updating once a week only.

And because I am such a responsible author who doesn't let her subscribers hanging for long periods of time blaming my life or writer's block (I dislike very much people who look for complements saying OTL this OTL that I am such a bad writer blah blah blah -_-) I will unsubscribe to ANY fanfic who hasn't been updated for a month. I don't care how good it is I will unsubscribe because it's just not fair for readers to keep them hanging like that.

Also - long speech here, geez! - I refuse to subscribe to OneShots and don't expect people to subscribe to my OneShots either. Really. It's a OneShot. You read it once and that's it. Unless you are so in love with it that you need to have it forever, then be my guest I will love you mores.

I appreaciate votes to any of my stories but what I LOVE the most are comments. We all post our stories here to receive comments and feedback. So that's what I really want to see and the thing I adore the most.

To all my readers, I Love you all!

That's it for the "About Me" ^^