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Personal Message

I'm the girl sitting in the corner of the library hoarding an entire table to herself, not caring if she looks like the "cat lady" that lives down the street from you. Do a double take. I'm sure I'm also the girl you saw last weekend at the club getting down in the middle of the dance floor mouthing all the words to each and every song pounding into your eardrums. One on one, I'm your most trusted confidant, who welcomes you with open arms whenever you want to vent. Put me in a crowded room and I'm the fly on the wall, trying desperately to find a way out. I'm the girl you know is in the room without having to turn around, all you have to do is make me laugh. (Trust me on this one, my mom has even tried to make me change the way I laugh because she claims it's too loud).

Still want to know more? Leave me a message on my wall, I love making new friends!

About Me

A few fun facts: (idea taken from cutiepiehunter)

1. I am first and foremost a YG family :)


2. La La La by Big Bang was the first kpop music video I ever saw  - My initial reaction consisted of me spitting out water and laughing at the screen shouting "they are trying to be like B2K!" (I shamelessly admit to it)


3. Second music video I watched was DBSK's Mirotic. - I flipped a when I found out that they were younger than me.


4. The first asian drama I ever saw was the original Meteor Garden during college. My roommate wanted me to watch it with her, so we sat on the couch our butts never leaving the cushion and watched the entire first season in two days.


5. Ever since I was initially introduced to asian dramas (four years ago) - I've seen over 125 dramas and 100 movies


6. I have around 40 gigs of music on my computer. Of these 40, almost 16 gigs are korean songs :)


7. My biases are the men of Big Bang. Occasionally I'll be drawn to some other group but Big Bang will always have my heart.


8. Realistically speaking, the y men of 1TYM are more my age


especially this man >>


9. I started writing fanfics in September 2010 and I can't seem to stop!


10. I have a hyperactive imagination that loves to take over whenever it likes. Example: I was walking around in the grocery store one day and when I turned the corner I accidently bumped my cart into a guy. We mumbled our apologies and kept on our original paths, but my mind began soaring, coming up with this whole plot about running into a guy at the market and we initially heads but eventually fall for each other. Sound familiar to anyone?? (Hint: Beginning of Late Night Fix)


11. I will occasionally mention references to my Creative Consultant - In reality she's my sister and my number one fan. She will always tell me the chapter is great even though it’s chock packed with errors.


12. I gain most of my plot lines just from people watching, and getting lost in emotions they spark within me. (Does that even make sense?)


13. I have two tumblrs >> go ahead and follow me! This one is my personal one -- afoolsonlytear @tumblr

On my other only I just post street photography

I created a livejournal account as well - hit me up -- br0kenumbrella


14. No one around me, beside my sister and my bro-in-law, knows that I write. This is simply because I like to write as a form of release. And face it, there’s no way in hell I’d let my parents go near my rated fics…lol


15. I squeal at every comment/compliment I get for each of my stories, and gush about them to my sister. I have no shame.