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 스타); TiaStarr.
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           t i a       f a n g i r l      d o n g h o  u a l       f i f t e e n       a p r i l - t w e l f t h

herro, i am tia. my current band obsession are the cutie got7 boys.
shin dongho is my ultimate bias. he's just so perf like asdfghjkl; i 
want to squish his cheeks and kiss his face all over. it pains me.

my life consists of korean boys, chicken nuggets, popcorn, and cartoons
           i tend to start fan fictions but then not finish them, so i apologize for that.

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                ( shin dongho )     ( park jinyoung )     ( yook sungjae )     ( lee chanhee )     ( jeon jungkook )___________