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  • Haru
  • Makoto
  • Nagisa
  • Rin

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viet indie playlist: luving someone so much your heart hurts

"people usually say, 'when you love, you die a little on the inside.'"

"i found peace in your violence... and i've been silent for too long."




hey guys! i'm tumbleweed, but you can call me tumble, tumbieweed (tum-bee-weed), kathy, thi, lestor croh, or tatertot. lol. i'm 19, currently attending a university in texas, usa, majoring in biology (but i h8 biology idk why i even chose this major tbh). i enjoy acrylic painting and playing cute games.


I'm in love with my boyfriend and he treats me so well, and i have no one else to tell this to which is why i'm writing it here hahahaha. i love him! <3


i'd really appreciate it if you and i talked before sending over a request, you can friend me and then talk afterwards, too. I'd like that! 


i try to be as friendly as possible towards everyone here in the aff community. but in the case that you insult me, insult my friends, or try to say that communism is good, you're dead to me.


nice to meet you! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ