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hello. fancy seeing you here. its nice to see you're taking the time to check out my aff profile. have this gif  c; thank you and have a good day c:


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if I was Da Vinci, I'd Paint a smile perfectly on you

Hi! I'm Ashley! But you can call me Ash. I've been on this site for about three years now. But i've moved accounts. Anyway here's a little bit about me. I am currently a student in an arts major school in the usa. Yeah believe me you've got to be a little crazy to be in that school. I am trying to be active from now on,but with school and my major it'll be hard. I try yo go on at night every school day and i'm most likely here on weekends. it was nice meeting you c; friend me or whatevers c: oh and let's share the kpop love. cx