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uhm, hi ~

I'm trying to use this site to post my fics, just because i like to share them, I'm not good, nor I think i'll ever be a story writer, but i have some ideas, and sometimes I put them down as written sotries ( ^ - ^*)

English isn't of course my first language, so please be understanding for my typos and my confused syntax.

I don't like fixed roles, nor I like fixed couples, so in my fics you'll always find a good amount of exchange of roles in the couple. I don't like to have a female character and a male one if my couple is an homoual one. Don't evne expect me to do it either, because I like my men being men :)


have fun reading and don't be afraid to talk to me <3

IF you want me to read your fic just please ask, don't use weird methods...
I don't read much so i don't usually look for fics (sorry) but i'll gladly give you my opinion if you ask :)

k bye