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About Me





❝ i hate when the butterflies in my stomach start to bite me, yet i just want to feel smth other than empty.



hell-o, i hate people. joke. my name is aitami, you can call me ai, tami, tamtam, idrc. talk to me first? i'm living in the darkest part of heaven. i'm a in shadow that can not do anything. ok nuff said. i love anime and k-pop, my love for them is equal. my anime crush rn is izaya orihara. many ppl said that you aren't really an otaku if you can decide what is your favorite anime bec it has to be many. but smh, my favoritest anime is durarara! idrc whether i'm an otaku or not tbrh. my love for them that matters. see? i'm not even close to dumb. my main k-pop fandom is exostan. raughs yeah exotic or whatsoever. don't ask me about my bias in exo, but i'm a kaisoo shipper for sure. yup i roleplay, as tiffany or t-ae. i won't joining an rp that allow & yuri, note that. close rp is loved, second this. anw i feel like being suzy again tho after a while, but idek. i have stopped rp-ing like 5 months just fyi and now i'm active bec my bijes below. don't you dare to hurt them ok, i'm going to voodoo you or smth. whispers want to be empty together? ...no? cries. foine. tehee.

moods : half sad, half sad ┇ eargasm : exo's growlmyfairyflosskriiing, kimjeje, kyuriyn.