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hello  guys, Nadine's here :D



About Me

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My friends call me weird-crazy young and i know i am X)

My teachers call me innocent but i know i am totally not X)

My parents call me happy-go-lucky so i know i'm special XD



I love ice cream

love chocolates

I love eating seafood

I love the taste of coffee

I really hates school but i don't have a plan to quit ._.

I am kind of person who loves those thousands K-Pop groups 

I am so in love with Mickey and Minnie Mouse since i was a kid

I also love purple and blue



I love it when it's rainy

I love the rainbow after the heavy rain

I love it when the wind blows my hair

I love to jump over the beach sand




I have my own magic spells, "whatever" and "you-me, amazing!"



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