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Personal Message


if I see you again, it's too much for me
chill out, my body shakes, you're like cold noodles
but I really like, is tasty, you're as cold noodles
and I still love you
it's so cold, I'm so cold
my teeth are cold, you're as cold noodles 
my heart is so cold, you're as cold noodles
dal gom han "saranghae" giboon joheun hanmadi...
Come closer and hold me tight
I want to express my heart that beats for you


About Me

Hi there, so i was thinking who i am? i don't even know but i'll try to express myself in little things ^___^

First i'm dorky

(i can see you dear reader >_>)

I'm a happy person, so no matter how bad the things are going or hard the times are i always try to be optimistic, so i'm always smiling ^^

(smile, smile and smile ^^)

So that's why i'm not into dramas, i don't read too much dramas, if there's a reason behind then i will read

(that's my sica face for dramas '3')

I'm a shikshin

(yup just like my buddy Yoona)

I got the twinkle U_U

(that's right baby)

I love to do dorky dance's 

(go tae, go tae yu the best)

Nobody get's my kind of humor

(yu don't wanna see my jokes, trust me *akward silence*)

I'm a secret agent

(that's right Choi Sooyoung ò_ó, but it's a secret so shhhhhhhhh)

I love aegyo but i'm not a aegyo person '-'


I love write but i prefer theater, i love to act ^___^ someday i'm gonna be a awesome actress, right Tae?

(yah!! don't ignore me Ò_Ó)

Right? neh Sunny?

(Yah!! you too?)

*cof cof* Moving on, so someday i'm gonna dominate the world just for you guys know ^^

(yeah i know i'm awesome)

I'm in love with 9 girls, do you guys know them?

(OMG THAT'S SNSD, ok enough)

So i think that's it, follow me on twitter @juhhyeon and let's talk about life, candy's and snsd ^^

More About Me: http://flavors.me/docedeleite byee~ <3