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ZeroPrincessesthe perfect trio
“ your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. ”
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"Someday, we will all be able to communitcate through music. ”
Here comes 
Hi, I'm ZeroPrincesses eldest member, you guys can call me L. I guess I'm the third L after Death Note L (My favorite character but too bad...) and Infinite's L unless one of you guys is called L too.... I'm a 96 liner and lol nothing much to say about myself since I'm not much of an interesting person.
Oh yeah, I love K-pop (well duh) and anime. I'm the biggest otaku out of these lot^^
Baozi & Squishy
So yeah, I'll continue here. I love INFINITE and B.A.P and EXO. I don't have a bias in both INFINITE and B.A.P since I decided to share my love. I used to have Myungsoo, Yongguk and Daehyun as my biases but yeah, they've all grown on me. 
Pretty much the only biases I've got now are Xiumin and Kyungsoo. I tend to choose short guys a lot since they are cute and I'm short too so I know how it feels to be teased about it!!!
Talking about height, I also just realised that I'm the shortest out of us/ cries
When you smile, sun shines ♥
I like to meet new people who like similar stuff to me. People tend to use the words monotoned, scary, evil, sarcastic; wait why do people describe me using negative words? / Glares at other two members -_-. It makes me seem like a bad person; trust me I'm not a bad person.. or am I?
I personally think that I am really bubbly, jumpy, hyper and I consider myself to have a good sense of humour.
That's all.
Ciao ♥ 


"Age is just a number, the talent, is what counts! ”
What is Lve?
Ayo Whaddap Krease Y'all
A headcore EXOtic and Angel, at your service! It's Abarna here, but call me Abi!~
h baby yu gt me crazy
Teen Top, where my first band crush, their music and variety shows made me fall straight into their laps. They soon became no1.
I fell in love with the twelve, boys due their pure talent, I looked beyond where they came from and saw what they had to give
N jke; I will grwl for y
My forever beautiful boys: Chunji
My little (tall) elf, ChanYeol

ChunJoe BaekYeol 


"differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open. ”
Hey, youngest of the trio here! I'm probably older than three quaters of the users on this website. Um, I'm just a person who loves to read and write. Started writing on aff last year but before that I focused on poems (because I'm sad T_T). Started reading at the age of six/sevenish so I know a lot of books. Feel free to PM me for recommendations.
I love all the groups but my genres in fanfics are limited. Angst, character death and psychological are my alltime favourite (yes, I'm a sadist)! 
Is that it? Ren is my one and only bias because he is just so pretty.
bye guys. I think I said a lot about myself. If anyone wants to talk either message this or my personal account; chiimii. 
Keep smiling and stay blessed, my profile stalkers.


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