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"It's not about the ship, it's about the story"

I don't write to ship. My story otps are probably your notps. I specifically write with Victoria and Namjoo; my two top female biases. I am heavily Namjoo-centric, feel free to check out my stories! I tend to work with ExoPink due to the reason that my biases come from both groups, so I have the tendency to pair my biases together. HunJoo is a successful pair of mine, so I often use them. If you don't like them, you can invite yourself out at the door on your left. Since I know my biases it's easier for me to bend and work with the characters in my head and see them. Just read and enjoy! Thanks!

I have a long history w/writing het pairs, and trust me, there's a reason why my stories are like this and why it's most comfortable for me to work this way. If there are a few things about me you'd like to know, I like writing. Period. It's a big hobby of mine and an ultimate release for my pent up emotions. If someone has told you that writing is therapy, their words are true. Writing is therapy. Parts of words come from an author's soul, their experiences, and lessons they'd like to tell, and that's what I'm about. I like telling and sharing. And I especially love it when my words can impact someone, such as making a reader cry ;D or laugh or make their hearts warm. And if you've enjoyed several of my stories, have talked to me, know that I extremely and sincerely appreciate you <3



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