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I don't write to ship. My story otps are probably your notps. I specifically write with Victoria and Namjoo; my two top female biases. I am heavily Namjoo-centric, feel free to check out my stories! I tend to work with ExoPink due to the reason that my biases come from both groups, so I have the tendency to pair my biases together. Since I know my biases it's easier for me to bend and work with the characters in my head and see them. Just read and enjoy! Thanks!

I have a long history w/writing. I like telling and sharing. And I especially love it when my words can impact someone, such as making a reader cry or laugh or make their hearts warm. And if you've enjoyed several of my stories, have talked to me, know that I extremely and sincerely appreciate you <3



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my ig is minifantasy90 

my personal ig (more like dogstagram) is babyskin90