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hello people this is my profile i thank you for having the interest to come her ^_^

I would like to become a k pop idol for music so if you could please help me by commenting or giving me positive feedback #_# !!!!!!!

please refrain from being mean or rude @[email protected] WOW!!!!!!!!! 

-_- now if you don’t mind i need to end this thing

About Me

I would like to be a k pop idol musician/singer i play violin,piano.guitar,drums,clarinet,singing,and composing music i am also in the precess of learning hip hop dancing and the guitar i have played the violin since i was 3 and the piano since i was 6 and the clarenet since i was 11 and singing i have done choir since i was in 2nd grade but concentrated on singing more since 8th grade and i have been learning the drums at 12-13 years old i have been composing since 7th grade so please offer you’r support in my being a k pop idol ^_^