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About Me

Let's see...hmm...about me....

Well, I love music and writing, reading is pretty great as well. 

Food. Always gotta have food. 

Pencils. They're my life. 

My favorite girl groups are f(x), SNSD, MissA, 2NE1, and 4minute. There are so many more, but these are the ones I first got into. 

My favorite boy groups are SHINee, Super Junior, B.A.P., and MBLAQ. Again, there are more, but these are a few. 

My OTP(s) are (dramatic drum roll): KryBer, almost every Tiffany pairing, Dandyu, Hyouna (Hyoyeonxhyuna), KyuHyun, Goguma, and many, MANY more. 

I write girlxgirl, a few het, and very few (like maybe one). So...yeah. 

If that's what you wanted to know, congrats! If it wasn't...oh well, sorry. 


Read on! Long live kpop! ^o^