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Personal Message

Hey there kiddies,

I'm back. 

Wow it has been a hot minute.  I've missed this.  As my old friends will know (if there are any of you left on here), I was on here years ago.  Posted a lot of stories.  Got plagarized one too many times and deleted everything.  Took about four years for me to come back.  I just kind of realized that I wanted to finish my stories.  I've got several that are incomplete and I want to finish them.  For me.  That said, if I find out I've been plagarized again I will take everything down and disappear so fast it'll make your head spin.  What can I say, I'm protective of my own work.  I'll start with the stories that are complete and then move on to the ones that need to be finished. 

Please comment, subscribe, friend me, have fun. 

I've missed you all. 

Much love,



About Me

I'm old.  At least for this sort of thing.  I was a senior in college when I started writing fanfiction.  It helped me deal with some ty stuff that had happened in my life.  When I had my works stolen I gave up for a long time, focusing my writing on original fics that have largely remained unfinished and unseen by anyone.  But as much as I would like to finish one of those, and I will, I like to get feedback and to talk with people.  So I'm back on here.  I also think it's important to finish what you start.  So I'm going to finish the fan fics I had started before.  So anyway, that's a little about me.  I love everyone.  So swing in and say hi any time.