About Me

sing me to sleep,  take down my walls

AYO! This is Marjie signing in at 01/18/17. Ikr? it's been awhile since I have been active here in AFF. Lately, I've been designing layouts and it would be nice if you could visit my layout thread, dérive. I stan BTS so much up to the point that I would sell my soul- I'm just kidding. I wouldn't sell my sould for those derps XP. I just love them to death because they are so talented and extremely good-looking. I'm not gonna lie, I actually read and I made a ty one-shot with Yoongi as the main character. Yes, I cannot believe myself either why did I become like this. Maybe it's because I am old haha. I don't have that much to say but please do not hesitate to talk to me. I don't bite.. well.. if I do then probably you're gonna love it- /kicked/ I'm just kidding. I guess that's it! I'll be floating away now and yeah, just keep stalking. xxx