About Me

Hello!! hahaha

Nosmax here!!! Nosu is also another name I usually used hahahaha

Since it is about me... okay

I'm 19 years old this year, Hmm what else, Hmm Okay I'm not good at this

Hobby!! yes... right moslty I kill time with reading fanfic, Games, palying guitar things like that. Hmm I love music so I usually make cover things like that too with some of my friends well thinking of uploading them and gonna promote it here hahahah XD

oh fandom yes... SONEĀ  that's all in KPOP I look at the other the same way...

To be honest I still not that fond of K-POP after following SNSD for 2 years since the other didn't interest me ahahahaha. I love J-pop and AniSong (Anime Song) more so I know them more. Favorite Boy band still ARASHI i love them for 13 years even though I know them that long I still call them teletubies for the first 5 years because of their debut costume and at that moment I'm stil 6 years old hahahaha

Other thing about me.... hmmm not much XD

boi boi!!