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Should I add chapters here simoultanieously?

  • Yes, please!
  • No it's fine, I don't mind reading on LJ
  • It doesn't matter

Personal Message

You can now find me on twitter with the same username (sessny) and follow me for aboely no reason, except maybe find out when there's an update, or listen to me rant and complain about stuff I actually like doing, like writing



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Things to do when you meet a celebrity

  • tell them they inspired you
  • politely ask for a picture/hug (if the situation allows it)
  • ask them what to expect next from them (relating to their career)
  • don’t touch them without their consent
  • thank them for the things they do
  • tell them you appreciate their hard work
  • don’t say anything you wouldn’t say to a stranger
  • don’t yell at them
  • don’t ually harass them (that includes ual “jokes” you might have read on tumblr)
  • do not mob them
  • don’t ask them about rumours
  • just be a proper human being