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Baby Lion
I am always doing what I cannot do yet in order to learn how to do it.
Name dashvillaro
Age 18
gender F
bday oct 15
timezone gmt+8
It's been three years already since i started aff and it was because of a friend ( high five to her ). she's the one who made me come to this site and the first thing i remember why i did join here is because she make me join her roleplay. 

yes i do roleplays, it's the main reason why i stayed here but as time pass by, i enjoyed reading a lot in here where all your desired themes and concepts of stories can be found here and the best part is your idol is the main character, you just have to search though but anyways it's an all in all access to kpop. 
i really love active roleplays especially those newly opened roleplays since it is the start of building friends. i most likey hate roleplays that would make me out of place even if you try to push yourself to fit in though you would just stop cause you will just look stupid if you still try to push it but all in all i joined roleplay. i want those naughty and noisy ones and can be good to come along with. 
idols i mostly roleplay
exo: baekhyun, chen, tao, sehun. 
bigbang: gd, top and taeyang.
ukiss: kevin,
seventeen: vernon.
bts: jungkook.
got7: jr.
soloist: kris, luhan.
Suju: donghae, siwon, eunhyuk. 
ikon: bobby.
winner: taehyun.

snsd: sunny, tiffany, yoona.
rv: irene, seulgi, wendy, yeri.
twice: momo
2ne1: dara. 
4minute: hyuna
soloist: jessica, iu, hayi. 
Stories i read
I love reading stories about ikon, exo, snsd, super junior, winner. 

i also love reading baekyeol, eunhae, doubleb and other otps. 
my biases.
bigabang: GD and top.
exo: baekhyun and chanyeol.
bts: v and jungkook.
super junior: yesung and donghae.
nct: jaehyun and ten.
seventeen: wonwoo and vernon. 
got7: jr and jb.
BAP: zelo. 
b1a4: sandeul.
boyfriend: minwoo.
btob: minhyuka nd sungjae. 
cnblue: minhyuk.
ikon: bobby, hanbin and jinhwan. 
infinite: sungyeol.
mblaq: thunder.
nct: jaehyun.
shinee: onew.
up10tion: xiao.
winner: mino and taehyun.
2ne1: dara.
apink: eunji.
clc: sorn.
gfriend: eunha and yuju.
girls day: minah.
girls generation: sunny and tiffany.
mamamoo: solar and wheein.
miss a: suzy.
red velvet: yeri.
secret: jieun.
sistar: bora.
t-ara: eunjung.
twice: dahyun.
soloist: iu, hayi, jessica, kris, luhan. 
Out of Character
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