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About Me

I am

A girl who loves unconditionally . A fighter out of Pain , a Never gonna give up Girl , A Crybaby and very emotional , a Girl who loves to make other`s Smile and be a Shoulder to Lean on , a Girl who finds HOME is the most beautiful Place on Earth , very Romantic but also loves to LAugh a lot and be Cheery , Quite have a Picky music taste  but loves SNSD forever ;) , Loving K dramas and K Shows  ( but please with Eng Sub ) ;P  being a Girl who loves to Read  and many more , but most being a Girl who  Loves her GIRLFRIEND to no end <333333333333


MY MOTTOS : Love knows no Gender , height or weight :D

                                LIve ever Moment , LAugh every Day , Love Beyond Words

                                       I am not a Never Gonna look back Girl , I am a NEVER gonna give up Kind of Woman <333333