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 I am an... ARMYIGOT7 | HOTTEST | EXOTIC (yes, the old fandom)
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「 My names Ay :P

You may know me from my fanfics/graphics. I'd been reading fanfics for a while (gotta get those otp feels) before finally deciding to write... and promptly becoming addicted. I actually came across this website (even though you probably don't care, I SHALL TELL YOU ANYWAY) when I was mourning for the loss of the KhunToria couple, after having watching the WGM end :'( I found this thing saying their dating. BUT... It was only a fanfic... I read the ff any way, became addicted. I quickly got OTPS; the quality of the stories are actually better than some published books I've read! Writing has always been my hobby, but this site helped me show my ideas to more than just myself, and now I lurve writing,  and am ADDICTED to this site... A few things have changed since I joined, i.e. I am now a huge ARMY and less of an EXOL etc, which is why I don't call myself one (I was active in the fandom in EXOTIC period only), but my passion hasn't changed ^^

「 {BTS - ALL} - JungKook Taehyung (V)  Jimin  Namjoon (RM)  Hoseok (J-Hope)  Yoongi (SUGA)  Jin | {EXO} - Jongin (Kai)  Baekhyun |
{SVT} - Vernon   Mingyu | {2PM} - Wooyoung   Nichkhun  Taecyeon | {GOT7} - Mark   Jackson  JB | {SHINEE} - Jonghyun
| {f(x)} - Amber   Victoria | {Soloists} - Jooyoung  DEAN  Crush  AGUST D (HELL YEAH)
「KHUNTORIA (x) | WooU | KaiStal (YESSS) | SoEul 
You're the One - 2pm, f(x), GG, CL, IU - romance, schoolau
Debilitated - BTS, INFINITE, OC - sad, angst, sliceoflife
We Let Go - Sehun, OC - angst, romance
Birthday Wish - BTS, you - fanXbts, romcom, slightcrack
BTS is my current love&life
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