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Donghae, being the attractive boy he is, had always put on the 'sweet and innocent' act to get what he wanted, making girls fawn and fall at his charming words. Growing up in a rich, losse-knit family, Hae had always been a spoiled kid, expecting nothing but the best. Although he was smart, rich, charming, and what the people would call a 'flower boy', Donghae had never been attracted to the numerous beautiful girls at his feet. With his stuck-up, I don't give a -attitude, Hae didn't have very many friends growing up, not really feeling the need for them. He didn't want female friends, and he was always afraid to approach the boys in his class, afraid that they'd find out his secret. Donghae's parents didn't even know that their son liked boys, let alone anyone else he knew. The only person he'd ever told, was a childhood friend whom he'd lost contact with as a child. Although Donghae flaunted a cold, mean aura, all he really ever wanted was someone to love him for his sweet, adorable side hidden by his sarcastic persona. Feeling needs and loneliness, Donghae wanted nothing more than to have a love-filled relationship with someone whom he could call his best friend, playmate, and lover. Even if Hae had always acted as though he was doing well as the arrogant, rude type, he wished for someone to change his ways and bring out his loving side that no one had seen before.


Although Donghae grew up with nothing less than what a celebrity would have, he had one other secret that not many knew about. His passion for dancing. He loved dancing more than anything else in the world, besides his puppy. Being the talented dancer he was, Donghae entered many dance competitions throughout his school years, taking in years of lessons and carrying on with his dreams by himself, without his parents even knowing. Meeting various people who shared his common interest in dance, Hae found many boys just like him who hoped and wished to make a profession out of their love for dance. Donghae, being the good dancer he is, still knew he had room to improve, wanting a 'teacher' who could teach him the art of love through body language, suggesting many other things than just /dancing/. Wanting a man who could control him and take advantage of him, but take care of him at the same time, Donghae was still searching for someone to love, who could tame his snide, forward self and bring out the loveable child buried inside. Someone who could be his playmate, lover, and best friend. Will he ever find his soulmate? Who will his lover be?

And maybe even...strip a little?

Most of all, Donghae is just your average guy, hidden beneath a rich jerk who thinks he's better than everyone else, and needs to be taught a lesson, or two.



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