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Annyeong! jhanna is just my un but that's not my name. Hehehe... 

I love Kpop~

About Me

Hi! Well, I don't really know what to put here but lemme tell you one thing, I am a hardcore SM Stan. I actually have a love-hate relationship with the company. You know you hate SM but you can't stop loving the groups. I am a Sone. I love Jessica Jung so much, so if you're one of the sones who keeps bashing Jess then do not go to my profile. I am in love with Soshi since I was 11. That was 2008. Currently, my bias in GG is Seohyun, I love her straight forwardness. I ship YongSeo and any Jessica pairs~ 

I love Blackpink, they are the only group that I have no bias because the moment I chose Lisa to be my bias, Jennie will come to tell me wrong, then there's my Savage Jisoo, then my cutie pie Chaeyoung would slay me with her skills and cuteness. Argh! It's so hard that's why don't pick a bias at all!

I love Twice, ever since Like OOH-AHH era, my bias would be the cutie-y Sana and my penguin and ballerina Mina~ TT 


I could put all the reasons why I love all Kpop groups but this would be so long so, these groups are just some of the groups that I love, I am an oldie in Kpop so, a lot of the groups I stan already disbanded, so sad...


P.S. I am gay when it comes to Red Velvet's Joy! *insert legendary fanboy voice* Park Sooyoung! When you smile, I am happy too! 

Park Sooyoung! niga ipsuriya~ nado! joha!~