About Me

It's quite odd how I can write freely whenever I'm starting/finishing a story but yet find it quite difficult to introduce myself (Yes, this seems quite awkward to me) but none the less i'll try my best (excuse me if the beginning's a bit of a cliche but oh well). Hello! My name is Nathalie but you can call me Nat, I'm just a young girl who finds pleasure in writing (Yeah, whenever I'm frustrated, happy or even upset my hand magically grabs a hold of any pen and begins to write vigourisly). You can probably say that writing helps me vent the huge amount of feelings (may they be good or bad) that lay within me.

I'm someone who says what's on her mind (doesn't necessarily care about what other people think), would do what she can to help the ones she cares about the most, hates people who lie (But sadly they are many in this world), is a die hard kpop fan and might as well name a few of my favorite groups:

1- SS501 (They are the ones who got me into kpop and I've got to thank the drama Boys Over Flowers for introducing me to this world, Kim hyun joong to be exact)

2- Infinite (They've quickly grown on me, I can't quite pick a bias since I love them all but well, Myungsoo did catch my attention a few times)

3- Epik High (Their songs always seem to talk to me in a way)

and the list goes on....

Likes : Reading, Writing (obviously), watching korean dramas and animes, playing video games, dancing, travelling (I would love to go to South Korea one day), dark chocolat, eating (who doesn't? ), the color red ( well wine-ish red) as well as black.

Favorite season : Summer (Reason : none really, but maybe it's because I was born during this season)

I don't know how to end my subtle introduction, so I won't, if you want to find out more about me don't hesitate to talk to me (I won't bite)