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No advertisements on my wall; I will not read, answer or even care. 

Everything written, published and edited belongs to me and is strengthened, protected and enforced by the law. All characters, stories, chapters and settings is made up by me, with the exception of borrowed personal names and photos. All rights reserved 2012-2017. ©

About Me

Hello, my name is Chanel and I love to write. I often make up characters, plots or scenes in my head as the days go on. Therefore, I'm so very glad to have found a site like, where I can type down and publish anything I wish to, following the rules of course! 

Even though I do not speak, write, read or understand the Korean, Japanese, Chinese or Thai languages, I have very big interests in these countries, particularly Japan and South Korea. I often listen to Korean music, such as Girls' Generation and BIGBANG (I'm a SONE and consider joining V.I.P.), Mamamoo, Monsta X, f(x), EXOSHINee, 4Minute, and other artists and groups. I also like these countries' cultures and often read manga and manhwa and watch anime and dramas, where I've picked up a few facts about their culture.

However, I would like to state that since I haven't experienced these cultures, countries or languages firsthand, I mean no harm if I were to write or publish anything that is wrong or seems rude, harmful or absurd. I'm not the type of person to judge beforehand and I'm also very kind and open! :) But if mistakes were to happen, please write to me and note my mistakes, so I can correct them and learn! 

Thank you, and welcome to my page! 
xoxo, Chanel