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It has to be you; my
burning heart says it
can't be without you.
Name — Rose
Music — 'DNA' by INFINITE
Craving — inspiration
Availability — semi-hiatus
넌 나의 천사 나만의 Cover girl
더 크게 외쳐 내 거야
타는 내 심장 네게 시선 고정
내 눈엔 너만 담을게
Behind the Pen Name
Behind the Pen Name
The name is Rose. Aspiring writer for fun who has permanent writer's block. You may know me under different usernames such as bebeth1996, bebentoo, woweez, _cvxia, christienva, or my current one, venirose. I may have a lot of biases, but there's only one man and two groups who keep capturing my heart over and over again no matter how often I tell myself that my ultimate bias keeps changing — which is obviously not true. That very man and the groups are none other than Kim Sunggyu and INFINITE and SHINee! If you're curious about any of my works, keep scrolling to see those. Until then, I wish you all a wonderful time stalking me and reading my crappy written stories. Also, feel free to visit my network: Odd Eye Network
The Victims
The Victims