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It has to be you; my
burning heart says it
can't be without you.
Name — Christien
Music — 'Clock' by INFINITE
Craving — Some days off
Availability — Inactive
오늘도 답을 잘 모르는 질문에
끝없이 답을 해 자신이 없는데
이 길일까 저 길일까
내 선택들이 점점 두려워져
Behind the Pen Name
Behind the Pen Name
Hello and thanks for stalking by! Call me Christien or Bebeth. Whichever you prefer more. Born in the month of spooky Halloween events and currently residing somewhere abroad. An aspiring, yet ever so lazy author who can't seem to finish a single story without procrastinating for years, but can start a new one any time—again, with the years long procrastination. Yes, I am indeed a master of procrastination. I rarely read fan fictions these days due to the lack of originality, even though I lack it myself. I do desire to become a professional writer someday though. Just watch me. There are several Korean bands/groups I do listen to, however, only three of them made it as far as to making me listen to them 24/7 which includes INFINITE, GOT7 and NCT. Biases? Yes, I have plenty of them and they're actually listed here. If you'd like to find out more about me, you can always find me on Twitter or Tumblr. Mind you, I do not accept follow requests of people I do not know. Talk to me first and then you gain access to my Twitter.