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I have an amazing trailer for "Turn Up The Bright Lights" courtesy of the Runaway Rainbows Trailer Shop!




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And me too dammit!!! >_<;    -Le JailBird

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I do not tolerate ads for RPGs, and I will not read stories unless I specifically seek them out; OR you put in a request for me to review your story here.


 I see this on a lot of other people's walls. I don't know if anyone will check this, or ever has, but I'd like to at least start the list, just in case.


I am, in order: a L.O./\.E., an EXOtic, a Bana, and Shawol.

In less order, I am also an I Got7, Time Traveller, Melody, Baby, B2TY, V.I.P., BBC, Inspirit, J+, A+, Triple S, E.L.F., Traxian, Cassiopeia, and probably half a dozen others I can't think of/don't know.


My OTPs change daily, but I'll try to list my major ones for now.







-Jinyoung x Baro
-Baro x Gongchan
-Sandeul x Baro


-Onew x Taemin